Keto cheat day tips and what happens when you overdo the carbs

What I want to impress on anyone ‘going keto’ to speed up the fat loss process is to focus on the results so you can stick to it. Within a month you should have figured out some reliable low carb recipes and understand that meal prepping is key. Once you’re reliably on the keto journey, do you know how to cope with those bottomless brunches and weekends away?

I consider going low carb to be a relatively unsociable experience and one that can sometimes trigger slightly neurotic behaviour around macros when you’re all too aware of how easily one snack can take you out of ketosis. While you’re not supposed to cheat on keto with carbs, I can tell you it really isn’t the end of the world when you do… and I found it necessary to relax my eating habits once a month for special trips.

So, what can I tell you about cheating on the keto diet?

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