Keto substitutions: chocolate desserts and treats edition

I’ll kick this one off by saying I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, which is probably a shock to anyone who’s ever worked near me and my snack drawer during a stressful week! Being a more savoury person definitely makes eating low carb that much easier, but even I found myself opening the cupboard to stare longingly at a Lindt hazelnut bunny I’d foolishly purchased for the Easter weekend…

Although I did cheat and eat the bunny on Easter Sunday, I had a whole weekend watching my husband indulge to get through… and that required a bit of chocolate recipe testing!

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Starved in Brussels: tips on travelling while keto

I was just getting the hang of how to pick low carb foods when I had to travel to Brussels on a work trip, so I kept it simple and chose to pick up a few easy keto snacks on the way through instead of prepping like I should have.

What I didn’t consider was how few opportunities you have when travelling for work, and that snacks are not a substitute for a fully rounded meal… which inevitably ended in me hangry and stuck on the Eurostar trying to funnel toasted sunflower seeds and peanut butter cookies in my face at 7pm.

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It only took 2 weeks switching to ‘high fat, low carb’ to see the benefits

I’m fairly confident that the keto or ‘high fat low carb’ (LFHC) diet has taken off due to how quickly people see results, and personally this is what has stopped me giving up when I get bored of the food choices available.

It only took one week of consistently hitting the 50g carb limit (which took two weeks) to notice my stomach was a bit leaner, and it wasn’t to do with weight loss. Turns out carbs just make me a little puffy all over (is there a scientific term for this, anyone?) because it’s not what my body prefers – like a lot of us skinny fat girls out there!

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Trying keto to avoid my “skinny fat” future

Talking about your keto (a.k.a low-carb) diet and fitness goals is not interesting to everyone.  In fact, I’ve personally been told the topic is boring by my husband, friends, colleagues and one very hilarious comment from a friend and his girlfriend back in New Zealand… you know who you are.

However, I know that people on a similar path may be up for reading and discussing everything keto-related so I’m going to document things here instead just in case you’re starting out like me. So how does a self-confessed carb fiend get convinced to cut down carbs to 50g a day?

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