Daytrip to St Andrew’s

Even writing this, excitement is bubbling up in me as I remember the part where we forewent the sunshine and ducked underground to explore the tunnels under the castle at St Andrew’s.

Sure, it’s the typical tourist activity here… but I’d bet good money on the fact you don’t often find yourself lurking in tunnels on a holiday. Double down on that bet and I’m confident you don’t usually pinpoint this as your defining moment of a city.


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Exploring our roots in Edinburgh

It’s been suggested that Scotland was an odd choice of location to spend my first long weekend, courtesy of the early May bank holiday. The UK hadn’t quite realised it was meant to be Spring so my colleagues were full of ire at my excitement to be heading to somewhere even colder than London.

They completely failed to get on board once told I was going by train. 5 hours each way.

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