Starved in Brussels: tips on travelling while keto

I was just getting the hang of how to pick low carb foods when I had to travel to Brussels on a work trip, so I kept it simple and chose to pick up a few easy keto snacks on the way through instead of prepping like I should have.

What I didn’t consider was how few opportunities you have when travelling for work, and that snacks are not a substitute for a fully rounded meal… which inevitably ended in me hangry and stuck on the Eurostar trying to funnel toasted sunflower seeds and peanut butter cookies in my face at 7pm.

The first rule: meal prepping

Unless you’ll be heading out to eat at least once a day to eat, have at least one lunch or dinner meal prepped per day.

Consider your prepped meals as an opportunity to get all of those nutrient-packed green vegetables in, and try to keep it ‘clean’ as snacking is not likely to be your issue (it wasn’t mine).

You may not have the most variety, but a few days relying on snack packs of chicken and protein shakes will actually curb your appetite throughout long days of travelling and strategy meetings. You can also be a bit more flexible knowing you’re nailing 80% of your macros.

The second rule: embrace breakfast

Well, breakfast should be easy as long as you are open to meat, eggs and cheese and maybe a bit of salad. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bit of a mashup.

If there’s an open invitation to a buffet breakfast then embrace the hell out of it! Even if you have to divert from your standard breakfast, there should be something keto-friendly in the mix, just remember to stock up and avoid the pancakes.

The third rule: be flexible

I’ve personally been avoiding pork for a while as my morals don’t agree with my current meat intake, but I admit I added bacon to my plate on this particular trip as it was a one-off. The only thing I’d brought with me was chicken and peanut butter cookies which also get a bit boring for every meal.

Being flexible in terms of what I do and don’t usually eat meant I could get some good stuff in and keep my temperament in check by avoiding too much dietary boredom from being over-restrictive.

I also smashed through my calorie goal by lunch and found myself agonising over whether I should eat my remaining snacks or try to hold out for 3+ hours before I got home. Luckily sensibility won out and further starving myself didn’t seem like a smart option so counting calories went out the window. I can tell you right now, it didn’t divert my weight goals at all. It probably bumped up my metabolism.

I’ve got another work trip in a week, I’ll let you know if I follow my own advice… šŸ˜‰




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