It only took 2 weeks switching to ‘high fat, low carb’ to see the benefits

I’m fairly confident that the keto or ‘high fat low carb’ (LFHC) diet has taken off due to how quickly people see results, and personally this is what has stopped me giving up when I get bored of the food choices available.

It only took one week of consistently hitting the 50g carb limit (which took two weeks) to notice my stomach was a bit leaner, and it wasn’t to do with weight loss. Turns out carbs just make me a little puffy all over (is there a scientific term for this, anyone?) because it’s not what my body prefers – like a lot of us skinny fat girls out there!

The 2 week update

It took me two weeks to properly slash my carb intake (one week to bring it down, the next week to stay down), and I was really nervous of going low carb as I intend to go back to it – which often results in fat gain.

When I was gearing up for my first personal training session I noticed my torso looked a little more defined and less puffy than before. My PT explained she’d put me on low carb as my health overview was hinting at being a little carb-sensitive so I was likely just not bloated for the first time in years, a common realisation of many people on this diet. Having understood that, I also realised I’d had no stomach pain (and all that goes with it, ugh) for a week either.

Miracle bloat cure? Maybe.

The lesson in being prepared

Perhaps a bigger realisation in the first couple of weeks was that you have to prepare and cook/bake a lot of your meals or it’s going to be a chicken and broccoli situation for lunch 4x a week and you can forget about snacking.

I’d been doing well to prepare a week’s worth of bliss balls prior to carb-cutting, so a few tweaks to the recipe (removing dates, inserting peanut butter) made for a delightful keto cookie dough. A bit of tweaking the recipe and keto peanut butter cookies are now a firm staple in this household.

Put an egg in most mixtures and it will bake, give it a go!





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