Trying keto to avoid my “skinny fat” future

Talking about your keto (a.k.a low-carb) diet and fitness goals is not interesting to everyone.  In fact, I’ve personally been told the topic is boring by my husband, friends, colleagues and one very hilarious comment from a friend and his girlfriend back in New Zealand… you know who you are.

However, I know that people on a similar path may be up for reading and discussing everything keto-related so I’m going to document things here instead just in case you’re starting out like me. So how does a self-confessed carb fiend get convinced to cut down carbs to 50g a day?

The background story

I’ve always been a healthy weight and I’m not averse to exercise, but the only thing that ever stuck was moving heavy objects around in the gym.  While I’ve certainly gotten stronger, you’d have no idea I knew what a dead-lift was… and that is a little frustrating! I admit I am a bit of a lazy lifter, and my snack draw in the office is notorious among my colleagues which seemed like the first two places to start as I attempted to dig in and finally achieve my goal of going from 60-55kg and gaining a bit more defined muscle along the way.

The lesson here is you have to want it enough to work for it, one day it just clicked and I sought out a Personal Trainer who inevitably switched up my diet and fitness regime. She’s explained to me that I’m an Endomorph (although I prefer the term skinny fat) and that filling up on fat and protein is going to work better to slough off the remaining stubborn fat clinging to my tummy pouch, thighs and legs for good.

The 12 week plan

  • Increase fat intake to 80g+
  • Increase protein intake to 120g
  • Limit carb intake to 50g
  • Limit calories to 1400 (1 maintenance day each week)
  • 3 gym sessions a week (2 leg days, 1 arms/back or abs)
  • 1 PT session a week
  • Drop body fat percentage to 20%
  • Lose around 5kg

Wish me luck! If you’ve also started a keto or low carb diet, let me know in the comments.

*I personally cannot live without crisps so I do hope to return to a slightly more carb-friendly life once I achieve my goals. 



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