I associate this with pictures of well-dressed, perfectly boho and beachy girls with their backs turned to the camera in front of some fantasy landscape or scene. It’s not real life, and as much as I subscribe to the imagery itself… it’s a distortion of an experience.

I’m not a Millennial. This is something I find myself constantly pointing out to people, and I feel it validates my realism towards everything. Especially when it comes to people recounting their travel experiences, and the wanderlust trend that I actively subscribe to on Instagram.

Confused? Me too.

Maybe there’s some envy at play. Other people seem to walk off in to the big, wide world and actively enjoy every moment of it. Wishing to never return to work and wander the globe. As much as I find myself daydreaming, romanticising about my life, it always remains in that cloud. After 4 weeks in London I was exasperated without those solid 40 hours a week at a desk. Time taken, that made me appreciate my free time.

The travel marketing aspect of this is something I appreciate more than most. Should you know (or ever find out) what I do for a living your eyes might pop out of your head at the blatant conflict of interest here. Wanderlust lends itself well to selling travel and getting people to dream a little bit bigger. My problem lies in the experience itself, and being ever-so-slightly agnostic about the wonders of travel.

I can’t accept that it’s just me.

My own moments of travel serenity come from taking the effort to seek them out. Getting over myself and talking to strangers in bars. Some magic recipe of forward planning with different amounts of spontaneity. Not something I’m always capable of.

Sometimes I’ve hated my trip, until looking back.

All of these times, I’ve simply stopped and taken a moment to appreciate the rush of having an authentic experience. It’s only after this pause that I’ll think to get my shitty iPhone out and attempt to capture it. The photos that come out rarely relate truly to what I saw, or how I felt. That annoys me more than everything else… that is something that needs to change.

So… I’m writing it down. Figuring out the matrix of what makes for that authentic travelling experience… for those that wanderlust a little less than everyone else.

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